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Tips to prevent computer from hacking

Tips to prevent computer from hacking

The world has seen a lot of progress in last one century.The revolution in IT has made it possible to convey our messages from one place to another,with thousands of miles’ distance between,within seconds.You can buy things online as well.But all these benefits have brought some risk with them.The risk of your computer being hacked.Every year,millions of PCs get hacked ,yet most of the users remain unaware that their PC has been hacked.Such unawareness and ignorance from the state of your PC can cause you to suffer from a heavy loss,even monetary loss if you are into online banking etc.In the following lines,I’ll be discussing a few tips about how to prevent your PC from being hacked.To protect your Computer from hackers just follow these steps given below.

1.You need to take out a few moments from your time and update your system when it tells you that updates are available because a system which is not updated regularly is more prone to hackers. 

2. You need to turn your Windows Firewall on.This will help you protect from hackers.

3.Install some anti-Spyware on your computer.Anti-Spyware is something like virus but differs from it in the sense that virus sorts out potential threat to the files and folders where an anti-Spyware detects a file which may store and send your sensitive data such as passwords etc to some remote user or server. 

4. Whenever you sign in to your e-mail account and see some emails from strange users,delete them or mark as spam.Even if you open them accidentally, don’t reply to them or don’t download any attachment present in those emails. 

5. Never accept any attachment from a stranger on the Internet.Some files may contain keyloggers. A keylogger is a file which records all your key impressions and may send them to some remote user as per his wish / instruction. 

6.Block pop up windows while using Internet because many of the pop-windows contain files which start downloading even without your permission and the download completes within a few seconds.Such files may be specifically planted to get your PC hacked. 

7.Be extra careful when downloading from Internet.Sometimes you start downloading a file by taking it as an audio files,but in real it is an executable file,when you click it,you open up a trouble box for you.So,you need to double-check the extension of the file before confirming the download.

I hope following these simple tips will help you to browse Internet more safely than ever and you’ll be able to prevent your PC from being hacked.